Empty chairs at empty tables

I think it’s time to stop talking about “when things go back to normal.”

Will there one day be a cure? Yes.

Will we one day stop social distancing? Yes.

Will the economy, one day, bounce back? Yes.

But “normal” will be different, the world has changed. It’s okay; you don’t have to believe me. Maybe I’m wrong. Because some things will feel just like they used to. But…I think the way many things were is gone.

And it’s okay to grieve. Because the life we built might not look the same.

And it’s okay have some fear. Because we don’t know what a new normal might look like.

But it’s also okay to be excited. Because we get to create the new normal — we get to create the way things will be.

And we get to practice right now by creating a new normal for ourselves in our homes. No one’s watching — the stakes are low. I just hope I’m up for the task…