Yesterday, at work, we ran a test on our hybrid meeting plan. Some of us were in office and some stayed home to run this test, which meant I was in the office for 4 hours for the first time in 13 months. I even had jeans on!

Everything felt…

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Pre-coronavirus, I worked for a company who allowed occasional remote work with a few employees remote full-time. One day they decided to make the remote experience mimic working in the office. So, they tried having people on a Zoom call displayed on an office TV all day, but that was…

Part 1: Interviewing during a pandemic

I’ve waited for a lot of things: college entrance letters, test scores, x-rays, blood test results, pregnancy tests (my wife’s, not my own)…

But waiting for someone to judge your character and your work ethic based on a 30-minute scripted phone conversation is a unique kind of waiting. The kind…

I think it’s time to stop talking about “when things go back to normal.”

Will there one day be a cure? Yes.

Will we one day stop social distancing? Yes.

Will the economy, one day, bounce back? Yes.

But “normal” will be different, the world has changed. It’s okay; you…

It’s been snowing most of the day. It’s been a welcomed distraction, honestly. Somehow the world seems more peaceful when snow is falling.

We gave the kids a snow day from doing school work at home. It just felt right.

A snowy hike from 2 weeks ago

And it reminded me. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. This time can feel scary and stressful. It’s okay to acknowledge that and give yourself and others space to process.

My friend Holly told me recently, “you’ll find a job. You’ll figure it out. Don’t forget to enjoy time with your family right now.”

For most of us Product Managers, the business problems we face today will still be here tomorrow.

Play that extra board game.
Watch that extra movie.
Take that extra walk around the block.
Pelt your kids with that extra snowball.

I’m betting Future You will thank you.

Some backstory: I started working in Product 5 years ago. I love it because I enjoy solving real problems for people and I want to bring light to my little corner of the world.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Unfortunately, the company I was working for has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic…we are…

My name is Brandon Kirk. I’m working on my new website Microcopy Matters. And I work as…(wait for it)…a Scrum Master.

I know what you’re thinking, “you’re not a UX Writer?” No. Unfortunately, I’m not yet a UX Writer. …

This is the brief story of how we almost called some of our users losers.

An image like this pops into users’ heads when you ask who the loser is. Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

In our software, we have the option to merge duplicate profiles. For a recent project, we were updating this merge action.

If the two profiles being merged have different data in a certain field, one profile’s information is kept and the other’s information is deleted. In our legacy software, we…

You know great microcopy when you read it. And when you can use a Back to the Future quote in microcopy, that’s great microcopy.

My friend Jason came up with this gem when a user enters a future date for their birthday in their profile:

I like this because it’s charming and witty. It points the user to the error in a humorous way without user-shaming. Plus, the users my age or older get a little nostalgic.

So good. Thanks, Jason.

This is a brief story about how we almost released a page for old people.

I work at a software company who makes a CMS for churches. In one recent project, we were remaking our people search page for our web app. Our customers usually call this our “People” page because it is the page you land on when clicking on the “People” icon. It…

Brandon Kirk

Product Leader. Story teller. Just trying to make a ruckus.

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